About Us

The ClienTrax Difference

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ClienTrax is one of the only independently-owned, financially-sound, technology solutions providers left in the veterinary industry. Our decisions are based on feedback we get from our customers. You will know our team on a first name basis.

ClienTrax has been converting a record number of systems, adding staff, and building on our 37+ year history. Our growth is a direct result of our attention to detail, commitment to support, and our focus on integrating systems.

For you, this means:

  • Your needs and concerns are placed above everything else on our priority list.
  • Going beyond our responsibilities outlined in the purchase contracts to resolve problems you may face from time to time.
  • Being there when you need us.
  • Listening to what you have to say and promptly responding to your feedback.

Most importantly, we will not “oversell” you on widgets that your practice does not need.

The ClienTrax software is a leading Veterinary Practice Management Program with powerful features that can dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of your practice.

Additionally, ClienTrax is designed to be the most user-friendly program of its kind.

Before making an “upgrade” decision, a conversion to ClienTrax may be more affordable and full-featured than converting to the new version of the system you are currently using. Furthermore, we will offer you a 100% software guarantee.

Additionally, we offer a fully integrated, DICOM-compliant, imaging solution along with our award-winning software. This solution has multiple modalities – CR, DR, and Dental imaging – and all are connected to the patient record in ClienTrax. It is a seamless solution and certain to enhance workflow. ClienTrax remains dedicated to bringing our clients the most cutting-edge, advanced technologies available to enhance the ability to perform tasks unique to a veterinary practice.

Our History

Custom Information Systems has been in business since 1987. Starting out as a custom applications company, the shift in the business focal point began in 1988 when a veterinarian, greatly dissatisfied with the program he was then using, did extensive research, and was much dismayed with his current market choices.

Aside from not being able to find software with all the features he wanted, he was also hoping to find a true Windows program, but he could not find any Windows programs designed for veterinary practices. He then saw one of the programs designed by Custom Information Systems.

He scheduled a consultation, brought his extensive market research, and explained what he was looking for, and the pros and cons of what was currently available. The veterinary practice and Custom Information Systems worked hand-in-hand to create a program that was written by a software engineer, consulting closely with a veterinarian, developed in a real working veterinary practice. The best of all worlds – professional programmer for quality software, veterinarian consultant to make sure the program has what a veterinarian needs, and a real working staff testing the software in a real working environment. CIS Veterinarian was born.

The veterinarian had colleagues who were also dissatisfied with the software they were using, and he told them about CIS Veterinarian. CIS Veterinarian began accumulating users merely from word of mouth, and subsequently grew from a custom application for one business into a contender in the veterinary practice management arena. In 1994, CIS Veterinarian became ClienTrax.
Although the name changed, the level of technical excellence and the team remained the same. ClienTrax was, and is, still developed by the same people who listened to the needs of a veterinary practice 30+ years ago, and continue to listen to the changing needs of our clients and respond by adding new features to help you keep your practice in step with changing laws and new veterinary and business technologies.