Digital Imaging

ClienTrax is your complete Technology Solutions Provider.

In 2011 ClienTrax added full body x-ray solutions (tables and DR plates) and dental x-ray (x-ray generation and sensors) to our product portfolio. The ClienTrax practice management software is still the only practice management software in this industry that can acquire dental images from within the ClienTrax dental chart without the need of the dental manufactures acquisition software.

Since then we have installed hundreds of DR solutions for our customers. As an independent dealer our solutions are focused on a full body and dental product that last a long time and produces minimal support calls. With over 13 years Our solution offers high-quality digital imaging solutions and complete seamless integration with your practice management system. Digital technology not only improves the quality of your radiographs – it improves patient care through increased speed, efficiency, and productivity.

And that’s good for you and your bottom line.

We are proud to provide you with the latest digital imaging technology through partnerships with industry leaders in Direct Digital Radiography (DR), and Digital Dental Sensors.

Watch below to see how ClienTrax True Integration improves your workflow.

Experience True Integration with ClienTrax PACS

  • Eliminate workflow steps
  • Eliminate the risk of entering patient data incorrectly
  • Eliminate the risk of missing charges
  • A DICOM viewer will be available on ANY ClienTrax workstation giving you the ability to launch the viewer with a single mouse click while in the patient medical record
  • Exclusive and unique feature of having a jpeg thumbnail image displayed within the patient’s medical record.

Why ClienTrax PACS?

ClienTrax PACS lets you maximize the productivity of your digital imaging system. We help improve how you view, manage, share, store, retrieve, distribute and reproduce the images created in your devices.

ClienTrax PACS allows for complete and seamless integration to the patient medical record to all modalities used in veterinary medicine today, including Digital Radiography, Digital Dental Radiography, and Ultrasound.

All Integrated PACS packages include:

  • ClienTrax Image Portal – Patient Controlled access to digital images, Virtual CD – web-based equivalent to patient CD, putting an end to the time and expense of burning CDs
  • ClienTrax Mobile Viewer – View images on iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. Optional features including
  • ClienTrax Disaster Recovery – Disaster Recovery Web-Based automatic back-up with remote storage
  • ClienTrax Business Continuance – immediate access to data after system failure, are available for a small monthly fee.