Cloud Hosting

ClienTrax Cloud hosting solution includes:

  • Your own dedicated cloud server

  • ClienTrax monthly software support and updates

  • Cloud backup service

  • Web browser access to your ClienTrax database

ClienTrax cloud hosting option is ideal for those customers that are looking to remove the burden of owning a server and potentially looking for multiple employees with remote access needs.

Our ClienTrax cloud option has the same features, functionality, partnered integrations, look and feel as our legacy server based solution.

The ClienTrax cloud hosted solution provides each of our cloud customers with their own dedicated Google cloud server. Access to the ClienTrax program is obtained from any web enabled device via a web browser in HTTPS. With HTTPS everything is encrypted, and it ensures that everything the end user works on in the application is separate from the device. This means, even if the device you are working from has a vulnerability, the information utilize within the web-based version of ClienTrax is kept separate and cannot be accessed by the device.

Our cloud backup service from Central Data Storage is included. This solution provides daily, monthly and yearly restore points. As with our server based solution the ClienTrax cloud hosted solution also allows you to direct an internal backup back to your local PC if you choose.

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