Support & Training

As you know, ClienTrax is a leading Veterinary Practice Management Program with powerful features that can dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of your hospital.

However, it is what you may not know that could be keeping you from getting the most out of your ClienTrax investment. With so many powerful features, you may have questions that can keep you from utilizing ClienTrax to its fullest capacity. That’s why we offer all our software users Direct Response Customer Support.

Call Direct Response at 614-875-2245 or Contact us here via email

Technical Support

For Maximum Performance, choose ClienTrax Direct Response Customer Support

Direct Response is designed to put you directly in touch with the creators of ClienTrax software, providing quick, accurate answers to all your ClienTrax questions. Imagine… Everything you need to know about ClienTrax software is just a phone call away. No more guesswork!

ClienTrax Direct Response Customer Support Program includes:

  • Easy access to expert technical assistance, Fax, or E-Mail.
  • A semi-yearly update CD that contains the latest version of ClienTrax or subscription to multiple updates through e-mail.
  • Access to download the latest ClienTrax updates via website
  • Plus – The inside track on helping to decide the future direction of ClienTrax.

We have always listened to our customers, and now it will be easier than ever for you to tell us what you want to see.

Direct Response Customer Support is the BEST VALUE in the Veterinary Industry. To subscribe, simply contact us and let us know you want to be on the Direct Response program!

Training & Implementation

Key Benefits:

  • Knowledgeable Trainers – direct from the creators of ClienTrax.
  • Get to know the program fully so you can utilize all the features to the benefit of your practice.
  • Can be customized to learn the modules you have purchased.

Data Audit Key Benefits:

  • Have our knowledgeable staff do an in-depth analysis of any area you request.
  • Have damaged located and assessed for repair if your file has been damaged by a hardware problem.
  • Have a general check of your settings done to see if they are optimal for your needs.
  • Receive a report with findings and suggestions for getting the most out of ClienTrax.