Enhanced Whiteboard

What is the New Enhanced Whiteboard

Whiteboard 2 comprises five different Whiteboards. Census, Arrivals, Treatments, Reviews and Communications. Each user can have a default Whiteboard and can individually save their settings for display and sorting of the items on the Whiteboard.

Census Tab

Provides a view of what is going on in the hospital. Displays a list of patients that are in the building, where they are physically located (Exam1, Exam2, TX, SX, ICU …) their status, time in the building, Reason for the Visit, Provider ID, Tech ID, Notes.

Arrival Tabs

This tab provides a view of patients that have arrived today. Displaying the Time, Patient, Reason for Visit, Census status and location, Provider ID, Tech ID,


Designed for ICU or patient monitoring the new treatment feature in ClienTrax allows user to create treatment task that need to be done throughout the day. This may include providing fluids. Treatment scheduler allows you to define the time of the fluid treatment, qty, units, rate, route, times per day and more.

The Treatment tab in the Whiteboard will display the schedule of treatments that need to be performed and allows the user to modify and mark the status of the treatment.