Programs Outline

Programs Outline

Available campaigns

January: The feline awareness campaign
February: The oral health restoration campaign
March: The weight management campaign
April: The heartworm prevention campaign
May: The external parasites campaign
June: The internal parasites campaign
July: The ear treatment campaign
August: The “Ology” campaign
September: The senior wellness campaign
October: The lumps and bumps campaign
November: The wellness testing campaign
December: The pain management campaign

The first client communication materials for each campaign will be sent out on the 15th day of the previous month.

A link with access to the team training, content by campaign, will be sent out on the 15th day of the previous month.

The Feline Awareness Campaign

It is estimated that there are over 90 million cats in American households. Then how come we don’t see enough of them at our practices? For the most part, the reason is due to misconception among cat owners about them, to the detriment of all.

This however, is going to change in your practice.

The feline awareness program will educate your clients that cats do get sick. It will then motivate them to bring their cats in to see you, knowing your devotion and dedication to ensure they live a healthy and comfortable life.

Your team will receive training modules to raise their awareness to cats’ health and then to be able to transfer this knowledge to clients in the exam room. This will greatly increase they “Yes, let’s do it” in the exam room.

Ready to see more cats?

The Oral Health Restoration Campaign

This campaign focuses on the patients among your client base most likely to have dental disease and on your clients most likely to approve dental treatment.

Depending on the client, the call to action of this campaign will be to schedule dental treatment, or to schedule an oral exam. On the oral exam, your trained team will know how to show sufficient value to schedule a dental procedure. Many times on the same day.

With this program, you will also receive detailed training instructions for your phone team and for the team dealing with clients in the exam room. All you have to do is provide training to your team with the included protocols we will send you many more clients ready to approve your recommendations for dental care.

The effects of this program will continue well after the campaign has ended.

The Weight Management Campaign

It is estimated that 50% of dogs are overweight or obese. Overweight is even more prevalent in cats.

Overweight is a disease and it is time to take a close look at this big problem. This campaign will focus on the overweight pets among your patients and on those likely to suffer from overweight problems. Weight loss is a complex process and requires sticking to a plan.

The program will first raise your clients’ awareness to take another look at their pets and notice when they are having weight problems. It will then motivate them to reach out to you for help.

On the other side of weight loss will be your team – fully trained on building specific weight loss programs for clients, testing them for possible causes, supplying them with proper diets and holding them accountable until they reach an ideal weight.

The Heartworm Prevention Campaign

Now that there has been information in the media about heartworms long enough, many more pet owners are cognizant of the need to prevent it. Many veterinary practices are convinced therefore that their heartworm prevention and testing compliance are very high.

Sadly, based on our accurate data from numerous practices, it is not so.

This means that there is great opportunity for practices that do different things and things differently to tremendously grow this area of veterinary care.  The message pet owners are giving us is: “tell us, educate us, and we will do it.” But first we have got to tell them.

With this program, all your clients were not on heartworm prevention and who have not had a heart testing in the past year will receive education in an engaging way, using different tools. With this, not one client will be left behind in regards to protecting their pets from heartworm disease.

With all this information coming from your practice, your clients will recognize you for helping their pets avoid contracting this disease. You will have many more heartworm tests, provide better prevention, and have a better bond with your clients.

Like all programs, you will receive team training protocols and scripts. If you spend time educating them, you will have a consistent message to your clients that this is what is best for them and for their pets.

Compliance will soar.

The External Parasites Campaign

In some places external parasites are a year around problem. In other places it is distinctly seasonal.

What is immutable though is that external parasites cause great discomfort to too many pets.

Combine this with high confusion with what to do to control them, and you have an opportunity to be the practice pet owners turn to for help. The need for personal control is huge drink certain periods of the year. This is what the program aims to achieve: calls to your practice for advice and direction for best alleviating pets’ discomfort from external parasites.

Your team will be ready to answer clients’ questions and direct them to do the right thing, which is to come in to see you so you can educate them and then provide them with the best solution to control external parasites.

In addition, this program will educate your clients about the potential parasites borne diseases. This way, when you recommend such tests, many more clients will say yes: “yes, I’ve been hearing about it. Let’s take care of it.”

Launching the campaign before the external parasites season reaches its peak, will prepare both your clients and your team to minimize the negative effects they cause.

The Internal Parasites Campaign

What is your policy on fecal testing? Do you only run them when pets have diarrhea? Are you there yet? If you quickly count your yearly visits and the number of fecal tests run that year, you will see the enormous need to educate your clients on this essential service. It is easy and it is readily available…..

This program will therefore focus on the segment of your patient population that most needs this test.  It will then communicate with them in a way that will connect the service with value and then connect this value with your practice.  It will then train your team to answer clients’ questions about it, thus further increasing the number of these tests run every year.

Our goal is to help you achieve full compliance every time you recommend fecal testing.

Just think what this will do to the quality of the service in your practice.

The key is consistency in your communications. This program will achieve that kind of consistency for you.

The Ear Treatment Campaign

We know that often, ear infections are part of a complex allergy problems in pets. We also know that certain breeds are more prone to developing ear infections. In addition, we know that quite often, ear infections tend to relapse and even become chronic. Ear problems can and do cause frustration among pet owners. That is why we want to educate your clients in a way that will be engaging enough for them to want to pick up the phone and call your office to make an ear exam appointment, or at least to ask pertinent questions. Not every clinician enjoys dealing with ears, but every pet will enjoy having healthy ears.

In this campaign we will generate interest in your treatment and you can expect to have many more such cases in the coming months. In addition, you can expect higher compliance when recommending ear treatment in the exam room, even if accidentally found.

We will even get pet owners of certain breeds to show interest in a screening exam on their pets’ ears. Why wait until an ear is bothering a pet before taking care of it?

Isn’t it better to address your problems even before they become symptomatic?

We think so and we hope you train your team with the accompanying training tools to need ear problems in the bud.

The Ology Campaign

This campaign will focus on all the areas of practice ending with “ology”:

This campaign will take a broader look at all these conditions, with the purpose of screening pets before they become severely ill, requiring a referral.  You may say that this campaign is level 2 to a typical annual exam. It will help lower client’s objections to bringing pets in even if seemingly they are doing just fine.

The campaign will focus on the pet population that typically does not come in unless there is a disease. It will be more than just a “simple exam”. Instead, it will be a “screening exam” with a focus on these conditions.

We will educate clients who have not been in in a while on what is possible these days in veterinary practice to identify multiple organ issues. Well, focus to a degree is not dissimilar from human medicine.

We can’t assume our clients know what services we provide. Studies confirm this. So why not educate them in a way that will make them call your practice?

If nothing else, when clients come in for something, it will be significantly easier for your team to show value in examining the other conditions pets are likely to be afflicted with. This campaign may be the impetus for your practice to revamp the tools and techniques to perform even more thorough exams, provide greater value and stand out in the community for it.

As part of this campaign you will receive a checklist of the recommended services that come with this program. You can choose what to focus on for screening and even treatment, and on what to recommend clients to see a specialist for. Naturally, the campaign will also include effective team modules on how to answer clients’ questions, how to make phone calls about the service to clients, and even how to show value in the exam room.

The Senior Wellness Campaign

Thanks to advances in veterinary care, many more pets reach older age these days. Along with this though, come age related diseases.

Do owners of all the pets know all this?

Most likely not. And we in veterinary practice must own our responsibility for not educating them better and for not focusing on older pets’ special needs.  Between chronic pain, weight issues, dental disease, lumps and bumps and more, there is plenty of opportunity to help all the pets live a comfortable life, even at this age.

But it all revolts around how educated clients are and thus how motivated they are to address these potentially debilitating diseases.  Our task in this program is to educate your clients to call you with questions about their all the pets and to make an appointment at your office.

Your task is to provide education to your team on how to show value around this area of veterinary practice. This you will be able to do with the associated training protocols and client education protocols.

As around 35% of your patients are senior and as every year more are becoming senior, this program can turn into a powerhouse to build a more successful practice and to provide necessary care to a pet population that needs it.

The Lumps and Bumps Campaign

Should we pay attention to pets’ bumps and lumps?

Should clients be concerned about them?

Should we ask clients to look for them in their pets after a certain age?

Lack of consistency leads to confusion and confusion leads to low compliance.

It is a lot better to educate your clients on what they and their pets need and get them to seek your advice than to wait for concerned clients to bring their pets in when a lump has grown all of a sudden or a bump has begun bleeding. Don’t you agree?

Since there’s not been enough discussion on how to approach lumps and bumps, this campaign will lead your team to decide on a uniformed approach to handling them. A consistent message will give you better results hands-down as compared to inconsistent messages.

We will educate pet owners who are more likely to encounter them, and you’ll will be trained on how to answer their questions. This way, many more clients will bring their pets in for lumps and bumps testing, or at least they will say “yes” to testing them when they are found during an exam.

This campaign will sure your clients that you are thorough in your approach and that you pay attention to everything that matters to pet’s and therefore to their owners.

The Wellness Testing Campaign

Any veterinary practice can vaccinate a pet. Every veterinarian can give pets an exam.

So why should pet owners come to you?

Every pet will benefit from an annual exam. But if pets are not sick, why would pet owners take them in to see the vet, or even you? Wellness exams over much greater control and predictability of business than sick pet exams that are so unpredictable.

In a major study, it was found that 67% of pet owners who switched vets or stop going to the vet altogether, said they did so because they felt their vet did not care enough about them!

What a missed opportunity.

Once you sign up for our program, our practice dashboard will show you exactly what your client compliance is when it comes to wellness exams and what your opportunity is in real time. This in fact is the purpose of this program: To strengthen the bond between your clients and your practice and to then teach your clients why it will benefit them to come in to see you at least once a year.

It will also build value in the service you provide, so many more clients approve your recommendations. In other words, this program will give you greater control of results in your practice like never before.

The Pain Management Campaign

“Pain” is the single greatest concern pet owners have. It is also the biggest motivator for taking action among pet owners. Then how come so many pets suffer from pain and no one does anything about it?

In one word – Ignorance.

If we don’t pay attention to pain, especially chronic pain, how will our clients?  We can wager you that at this moment there are patients of yours suffering chronic pain, and no one knows it.

We have figured out which pets are likely to suffer from chronic pain. We also think we know who among your clients are likely to heed your messages.

This is the group of clients we will provide education to. We will teach them how to tell; how to go past the veil pets put forth: “I’m okay, no need to worry about me.”

Actually, we do worry about the many pets who are suffering.  Your task will be to create a consistent approach to diagnosing and dealing with chronic pain.

You will also train your team with the accompanying modules to convey the importance of screening pets for pain.

In the exam room you will obtain better compliance if all your doctors follow similar guidelines as to what recommendations to make when pain is found or suspected. Although we cannot always eliminate pain, we can definitely alleviate it!

Ready to get started? Contact us today!