Software Line Up

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ClienTrax Accounting includes all of the Basic and Standard, plus the following:

ClienTrax Accounting is a fully integrated accrual based complete double entry general ledger accounting system – built in! There is no need to transfer information into another accounting program. Enter data once and only once! Print Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Profit and Loss Statements, Cash Disbursements, Account Activity by any range of periods – all without the need to purchase third party software!

Note: If you currently use QuickBooks for your accounting, you can utilize the Standard Version of ClienTrax with our QuickBooks Integration Module. With the ClienTrax Export to QuickBooks™ ($295) you can run a simple procedure at the end of the day to export the daily totals to your QuickBooks™ software.

Accounts Payable – Fully integrated with Purchasing, Inventory, and Checking. Automatically updates the checkbook when invoices are processed for payment or processes payables for payment by credit card. 

Payroll -can be done with or without the built in time clock. It automatically calculates payroll checks, deductions, taxes, and other withholdings. You can print payroll checks and pay stubs, payroll reports, W-2s, W-3s, tax reports, etc. 


 Checkbook prints both automatically created checks (from Accounts Payable and Payroll) and manually created checks in batch or individually. Print deposit slips. Unlike your handwritten checkbook, your register is always automatically updated each time you write a check or enter a deposit.

If a check gets destroyed (printer jam, coffee spilled on it before mailing, etc.), you can reprint it. No need to void a check number. Just click to reconcile to your bank statement! 

Note: To print checks, you will need a laser printer. Inkjet printers do not have the mechanics required to print the bank numbers in the proper position at the very bottom of the check. 

Tax Reports and Forms – Sales taxes, payroll taxes, W-2s, W-3s, 940, 941, etc.

Practice Analysis can be done with the many financial report options available.

Budgeting Enter your expectations and compare against your actual figures. Helps you identify and rein in those expenditures.