Software Line Up

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Features of ClienTrax Basic include:

Full client information management system. All important information about your clients are available at a glance on their Client Card. The large notes field can be set to 4 different colors to signify alerts, special clients, or any other meaning you choose.

You can easily find clients by selecting their name (your clients are not just a number) from the list at the left or by looking them up by name, phone number, or account number.

Estimates can be printed and save to easily update and becomes the client invoice.

Invoicing is easy. View your Inventory/Services list in numerical or alphabetical order, just click to select it. Do your clients sometimes use multiple forms of payment for one invoice (i.e. coupon, insurance and check all at one visit)? No problem. With ClienTrax you can post multiple payments in one screen and keep track of the balance due with each added payment entry.

Accounts Receivable information is always at your fingertips. Automatic aging of accounts lets you print a current Accounts Receivable report at any time with each client’s balance status. The Daily Totals report gives you the total accounts receivable figures each day. Monthly statement printing can be done without stopping any other work! Monthly service charges can be set up to be assessed for all clients, to skip selected clients, or not at all.

Patient Card contains each patient’s species, breed, color, and other important information, transaction history, reminders, and can even save a picture! Don’t know who an animal belongs to? No problem. You can look it up by name, rabies tag number or other ID numbers.

Reminders can be set up to be automatically created from any Inventory/Service item, entered manually, or you can even do a Custom Reminder for a special offer! Reminders can be sent out as post cards, letters, and even through e-mail to save on cards and postage! ClienTrax also supports the Healthy Pet reminder system.


Recalls can be entered manually or set up automatically for services you choose, then printed for easy reference.

Prescription Labels can be printed with pre-defined, custom instructions, or even customized pre-defined instructions! You can set contraindication warnings for prescription items to appear on the screen for your staff to check before dispensing.

Inventory has complete cost and quantity tracking, plus many more options to set up a package visit to include several other items, reminders, etc to be just as easy to sell and properly track your costs as it is for simply reselling a bag of food.

Appointments automatically fill in client/patient data and are color coded by type (i.e. exam, vaccine, surgery, etc.).

Query By Example – Design your own search to find all dogs over 7 years old, all clients who spent over $300 with you this year to print Christmas card address labels, or find all Inventory items with a dispensing fee. You can then view your results on screen or print a list.

Over 100 reports! Print certificates, many financial reports, client and patient reports, inventory reports, controlled substance logs and more.

Prescription Labels can be printed easily with predefined or custom instructions for any item in inventory. Just print!

Password Protection, Multiple levels password protection of automatically controls access for peace of mind.

Multiple Printer Support so you can set each computer to access up to 6 different printers anywhere in the office, a fax modem, and/or print to screen.