Software Line Up

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ClienTrax Standard includes all of the 
Basic features, plus:

Paperless Medical Records – Create your own templates and pick from a list! Automatically send treatment items to a held invoice. Capture and store pictures! Store CBC, UA, Chemistry Profiles, etc.

ClienTrax Medical Records lets you file and find your records without the tedious chore of searching for the proper place on the shelf.

Plus, with all your records at your fingertips, you can consult similar case records without having to return to the shelf to pull another file. Templates can be created for any combination of Tabs (i.e. Prob, Notes and Lab for an ill canine exam), then selected from your list of templates for use in a specific record.

Lab results can be entered as you go, or through use of templates you create to suit your needs. With the normal range high/low values entered into the templates, abnormal results will be immediately flagged as H(igh) or L(ow). We also support many popular lab machines that can directly enter the results for you.

Pictures, x-rays, ultrasounds, etc. can be saved into the medical records and even opened in an editing program and resaved with notations, problem areas circled for emphasis, etc.

Notes can be entered free form or through templates.

Problems can be tracked and diagnosed through a rule-out list.

Exam results recorded for several body systems.

Treatment recommendations can be entered, then noted as accepted or declined. Treatment items are automatically moved to a held invoice so you don’t have to reenter the items to charge for them.

Access Peripherals – Supports Lab Equipment, Electronic Cash Drawer, Credit Card Readers, Touch Screen and Bar Code and Voice Recognition.

Referrals – Track how your clients come to know your clinic.

Purchasing Module – Integrate purchasing with Inventory Control, automatically updates inventory and accounts payable. Print purchase orders or fax directly from the screen. Just click to receive items.

Buy Cards – Track all aspects of each item you purchase for inventory – vendors, past and current pricing, delivery time.

E-Mail – Correspond with your clients via e-mail with reminders and letters.

Full Remote Access – Operate from home or other clinics.

Phone Dialer – Click to call clients, vendors or other numbers.

Supports Out-Of-Drawer Cash Payments -so you can correctly track payments made from the cash drawer. (Pizza Day!)

Contact Manager – create your own personal and professional directory.

To Do Lists – Keep track of your Things To Do, Recalls, and Appointments. 

CLIENTRAX INVENTORY CONTROL: Watch above to learn more about this powerful element of our program

Inventory has complete cost and quantity tracking, plus many more options to set up a package visit to include several other items, reminders, etc to be just as easy to sell and properly track your costs as it is for simply reselling a bag of food.

QuickBooks Integration – With the ClienTrax Export to QuickBooks™ ($295) you can run a simple procedure at the end of the day to export the daily totals to your QuickBooks™ software.

Time Clock – Accurately track employee work hours. 

Advanced QBE -allows you to create more complex searches. You can then print preset reports or design your own! The searches and reports you design can also be saved to run again at a later time. 

Custom Documents – Create your own forms (Certificates, Locally required forms, Admissions, Surgery, etc.) and link your ClienTrax Data to them.

Custom Reports – Select the information you want on your reports.

Boarding Module – Define your own housing types and number of units. Just click to add a reservation. Automatically charge the client for the days that the unit is occupied. Define multiple price levels. 

ClienTrax Boarding allows you to define your own housing types and number of units. Busy season? With ClienTrax you can schedule the next animal to come into a unit right after it is cleaned from another animal just leaving that same day. For those close-knit families, you can schedule two animals from the same household to share a housing unit during their stay. Color coding is defined by your boarding charges.

Reservations are easily entered. The species and weight of the animal appear at the top for reference to make housing selection easier. Need to check, change or cancel a reservation? Select an animal before clicking on Boarding, and be automatically taken to the day of that animal’s reser vation. Change or cancel with a click.

You can set up multiple housing categories with multiple price levels each to support up to 140 different boarding charges automatically forwarded from the Boarding Module reservations to invoices created for your clients at the end of your boarders’ stays.