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Educated clients = Committed clients = High client compliance       

These days, when every service is a super commodity, how can you answer the question: “Why should I choose you?

When clients are educated before they come in, they are more likely to keep the appointment, approve all recommended services and tell others about you.

This is what this program will do for you:

  1. It will communicate with your clients in an innovative way automatically.
  2. It will reach out to the group of clients most likely to respond to a particular message.
  3. It will connect with such clients in a way that they will want to contact your office.
  4. It will use multiple message delivery tools to make clients notice, pay attention and take the action you want them to take.
  5.          The 12 practice growth programs included in this service also come with easy to follow and execute specific and detailed team training modules. This way, when clients call and come in, your team will be able to deliver exceptional value for them to approve the recommended services.
  6.          The included dashboard will allow you to easily track your progress in real time.
  7.          We will give you an ROI meter. It will show you at any given moment what your investment is generating for you.

Please note: This program is NOT about reminders. Instead these are retention marketing messages that connect with clients on what matters to them and then motivates them to take the action you invite them to take to help their pets live a longer and healthier life.

Reminder do not educate clients, they simply remind!

Client retention marketing educates clients and answers their questions:

  1. Why you should take action now
  2. Why you should call us

To see what programs are included in the service, click here (another page).

Once you sign up we will take care of your client education and will deliver many clients to your practice, ready to say ‘yes’ to your recommendation.

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